The Brics ICT Association has been formed as a result of recommendations of BRICS ICT Ministers Conference, which is a subset of main BRICS.The Website conatins details about BRICS, BRICS ICT Ministers Forum as also BRICS ICT Association.

The BRICS acronym was coined in 2001 to highlight the exceptional role of important emerging economies- Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) only. It was pointed out that high growth rates, economic potential and demographic development. BRICS countries are leading emerging economies and political powers at the regional and international level.

The BRICS ICT Association, a Non profit and Non Governmental association is to promotes commerce and industry in the BRICS nations. Through associate and MOU Partners CMAI would leverage its combined strength for development of economy, innovations, ICT, youth entrepreneurs in BRICS.

The BRICS ICT Association will work as platform for all associations of BRICS as also their member of interaction and development of trade and business.