The declaration of 3rd BRICS Communication Ministers Meeting held in July, 2018 at Hangzhou vide Para 8 prescribe:

"Enterprises, especially SMEs and start ups, are the main vehicles and pillars that support cooperation, innovation, jib creation, and inclusive sustainable growth among BRICS member countries.

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to promote communication among BRICS enterprises through business and industrial associations, which can help overcome obstacles in geography and build a BRICS Enterprises Partnership Network."

In accordance with above, the BRICS Enterprises Partnership Network through a BRICS ICT Association (BIA) has been established.

The BRICS ICT Association will work for following purposes:

1. The major objective of the BICS ICT Association is to exchange ideas and experiences of ICT field among participating member associations.

2. It will enroll all the ICT Associations of all the BRICS Countries on complimentary basis.

3. The associations of BRICS Countries will be asked to submit the product details and services offered by their members, each will be uploaded on BRICS ICT Association website.

4. Each member association will be requested to make a presentation regarding the latest technologies such as IOT/5G and ICT industry update in their respective markets.

5. It will serve as one stop interaction between SME enterprises of the BRICS Countries and make available information of products available.

6. The website will also contain the policies and procedures with regard to ICT for all the BRICS Countries.

7. The BRICS Countries can also use this website of BRICS ICT Association for publicizing their latest circulars, policies as also tenders, expressions of interest etc.

8. This website will also serve as purposes for interaction between SME's, Start ups and other ICT industries.

9. The BRICS ICT Association also aims to promote further development of the ICT industry through mutual cooperation amongst others.