Mobile Testing Laboratories are those which provide enterprise-grade, next generation testing tools for mobile app testing, mobile device testing and mobile website testing. It has a motive to test the mobiles for its safety to use, security, agility and affordability. The main objective of any Mobile Testing Labs are to test the compatibility of the mobiles and compliance with provided standards and delivers solutions to help provide quality mobile equipment with overall best specifications keeping in mind the security aspect of the device along with different apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Mobile Test Labs helps companies deliver high-performance mobile devices, apps that perform efficiently across a growing technological arena on different devices and Operating System versions. Mobile Test Labs always helps in improvising the quality of the mobile, speeds up the delivery of mobile and also keep up with the upcoming digital transformation by Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Debugging, Developing and Continuous Integration

Different kinds of testing of mobile:

• Panic Button
• Indian Language
• Device safety testing
• Initialization, benchmarking & user interface testing
• Network and connectivity testing
• Application and multimedia testing
• Field testing
• RF (Radio Frequency) Performance and testing
• SAR ( specific adsorption rate) Compliance Testing
• EMC Testing
• Battery Power Testing
• Hardware Testing
• Software Testing
• Value added services
• Maximum Sound Pressure Reports
• Drive Test Reports

Network and connectivity testing.

This is done for followings reasons:

• Optimize the data communication between servers and clients
• Test simultaneously on several devices
• How does mobile behave when online and offline
• Check for interruptions
• Test for cross-platform compatibility and possible differences
• Test for location-based details

User Interface Testing:

User interface testing, a testing technique used to identify the presence of defects is a product/software under test by using Graphical user interface