India and Japan has formed an India Japan ICT Forum. This forum has so far held five meetings as under:

     1. The First meeting of Japan-India ICT Public-Private Partnership Mission Workshop was held at New Delhi on 3-4th October 2013

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     2. The 2nd meeting of India Japan ICT Forum was held on 3rd December, 2014 at New Delhi.

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3. The Third Japan-India Joint Working Group under Japan-India ICT Comprehensive Cooperation Framework was held in Tokyo, on November 4, 2015, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India (MCIT). Both sides shared overviews of ICT policies in both Countries and developments with the aim of strengthening and deepening cooperation in the field of ICT between Japan and India.

In this Japan-India Joint Working Group Meeting, both sides confirmed the current situation of implementation concerning the following five projects as India-Japan joint projects adopted in the previous meeting:

     -• Green mobile phone base station project;
     -• Japan-India Combat Spam project;
     -• Cooperative project for detecting symptoms and quick response to cyber attacks;
     -• ICT Unit in disaster-affected areas project;
     -• National ID Application and Utilization Platform project.

And further exchange of views and opinions was made on future cooperation areas and projects following the constructive presentations from the industries of Japan. Further more concerning Internet Governance, both sides shared recognition of a common understanding on the importance of the multi-stakeholder approach that a government alone cannot solve the problems, and cooperation from industry, academia, civil societies and other stakeholders are indispensable.

Both sides arrived at consensus not only on the deepening of relations between both Japan and India in the field of ICT but also a recognition of the contribution of ICT in efforts to solve global challenges, and expressed their expectations toward further development of cooperation between Japan and India in the field of ICT.

     4. The 4th India Japan ICT Meeting was held.

     5. The 5th Meeting of India Japan ICT Forum was held at New Delhi on 7/8th August, 2018.

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