India Japan Trade & Investment
As India emerged as a market with a strong potential for growth, some Japanese companies took the initiative to invest in India. For most investing companies, competitors had already set foot in India. Moreover, the central and state government policies were encouraging enough to make India a natural choice for them.

Honda in the automobile sector and Sony in the electronics sector were the two important Japanese brands that made their entry in 1991. By the end of the decade, important brands like Toyota, Toshiba and Panasonic had also entered the Indian market. There was also aproliferation of companies in auto parts, fuels and chemical and industrial goods.

Among other several project, I Burst technology of Japan was a promising technology, which was tried and tested and recommended by BSNL, India. However it was not followed up commercially. The presentation on I Burst technology is available at Annexure IX

Another important initiative for India Japan Trade is formation of India Japan Global Partnership Summit 2011, which was held during September, 2011 at Tokyo.